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Specializing in Condominium and Homeowner Association Management


While we concentrate on the background details, we are also working on developing programs to build the “heart” of the association. Through communication and events, we strive to build on the word community.

A Community Association Manager brings a high level of expertise and professionalism as a liason to the Board and Association. Florida Association & Property Management works for the Board and in turn the Association. This type of relationship allows the Board to focus on high level activities and empowers the Management Company to deal with difficual issues that can arrise in any community.

Our communities include condominium, homeowner and townhome associations in Leon, Franklin, Jefferson, Wakulla and Madison Counties.

At Florida Association & Property Management, Inc., we pride ourselves in providing the most comprehensive services to our clients. With our exceptional staff, team philosophy, and top technology, we build long term relationships with our clientele.

We fulfill the needs of your community by protecting the values, maintaining the property at the highest level, keeping the maintenance fees as low as possible, and planning for future capital expenditures. We support, provide you advice and give the Board of Directors as much information as possible so they can make good operating decisions on behalf of homeowners.

We provide a unique opportunity to partner with a local company that has a proven commitment to the preservation and values of our community and the members we represent. Florida Association & Property Management, Inc. is a superior and innovative blend of experience and new ideas. We have the energy and vision to provide the guidance and direction your association requires today and in the future.

The hiring of a Community Association Manager is an important decision. Contact us today to obtain information about our qualifications and experience.

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